The Art of Nature

If we cannot see the interiority of Nature then we will never be able to properly distinguish the natural from the artificial. A human doctor uses the human art of medicine to heal other human beings. An automobile manufacturer takes parts from the world and puts them together in order to function according to his design. If we conclude from these examples that nature is simply the machine that God has put together then we have missed the essential difference between nature and artifice. To say that something is natural is to say that it possess a power which is in itself. No machine can boast this. As a machine, meaning ignoring what the parts and components and elements were doing before we grabbed them, no machine exists apart from human beings who serve as the external agent and artist. This is one of the most significant disanalogies between nature and art.

If we were to properly analogize between nature and art, we would have to say that nature is that in which the work of art and the artist are the same thing.

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