Unnatural Relations II

From a certain perspective, modernity can be seen as an untidy patchwork of contradictions which are held together by the combined powers of media, pop culture, and the managerial state of which we are all subjects. One of the more glaring contradictions we are supposed to unquestionably hold is the idea that man is a mere animal, a result of biological evolution like any other beast, but, nevertheless, he should be liberal in his politics. The word 'liberal' in this sense is applicable to most political philosophies forged from the 17th century onward.

I can think of nothing more opposed to the life of brutish animals than egalitarianism, pacifism, or multiculturalism. If the world of the animals is anything it is hierarchical, war-like, and utterly tribal. What modern liberalism diagnoses as the world's worst maladies, I see as nothing more than animals simply behaving as such. It cannot possibly be that liberalism is the politics of a people who study man scientifically.

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