What's The Matter?

If materialism is the belief that only material things exist, I do not see how this can be proved rationally. The materialist must be committed to saying that if something is, then it is material. In other words, there is something in the very concept of being and existence which entails matter. This is an unacceptably arbitrary limitation upon the word "is."


  1. That is of course what atheists say. When it comes to the reality of Jesus, atheists say, If it's historical there is no supernatural. If there is any supernatural then it cannot be historical.

  2. It is usually the case that biases substitute for reason, in this case materialism as assumed dogma. The trouble is that our age is rather unreflective in its assumptions, meaning that materialists are materialists without knowing that they are metaphysically committed to materialism. To them, its just simply being a normal person.