A Science Indeed

Philosophy concerns itself with everything, but some things are more important than others. The nature of reality, the existence of God, the nature of humanity, justice, these are all subjects that can be considered philosophically, which is how we should consider them if we wish to both know truth and do good. Everybody who is alive or has ever lived has either explicitly, implicitly, practically or theoretically answered these questions for themselves, but this does nothing to diminish the superiority of the philosophical approach, which is as scientific and even more scientific than anything else we call by that name. This means that the approach is difficult and not able to be understood by everyone. Just because you care greatly about God or you simply take pleasure in discussing His existence or non-existence does not mean that you actually know anything worthy of being passed on. Imagine if people ignorant of quantum physics began writing books and internet weblogs about the ridiculousness of string theory or some other matter. Most people would immediately realize that these opinions were worthless, so why can I not say the same thing when I read pop atheists or comments on the internet which state that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of God? If your response is "Well, there isn't any scientific evidence for God!" then you should pay special attention because you are on of the people about whom I am speaking.

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