So Aristotle is Wrong...

So Aristotle is wrong. His philosophy has been disproved by modern science, whatever that means. We should discard what he says and everything built upon it. Away with all of this ridiculous talk of matter and form, nature and art, act and potency, motion and rest, and definitely none of this talk of essence or what-it-is-to-be something. 

What now? Can we continue on with modern science and modern life as if we have outgrown such primitive thought? Absolutely not! The only thing we can do is say, "You were right, Parmenides, being is one." 

What, did you forget why Aristotle was spending his time thinking about motion and how we can make sense of it? If we throw him out, we cannot continue on with anything, for we are forced back to Parmenides' metaphysics. And since, without Aristotle, his philosophy goes unchallenged, we must all become his followers. In this way, the rejection of Aristotle is the single most regressive movement in human knowledge ever. In fact, our knowledge of the world would not regress at all, it would vanish, or, more precisely, it could never be.

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