Social Notes

Perhaps I will devote longer posts to some of these...

-Modern conservatism, as a species of liberalism, is positively obsessed with politics. The most prominent writers and speakers waste their time discussing electoral politics and polls and policies. It used to be that only liberals were insufferable at the dinner table.

-Tolerance can only follow division or diversity. When will it be time to speak of the virtues of unity?

-Imagination is more often used to obscure reality than to reveal it. People call something 'old' in order to create an image of that which is dying and decaying. We could, however, use the same word to create the image of something powerful, enduring, lasting, and wise.

-Pop culture is created by business. Culture is a people's way of life: tradition, memory, song, and behaviors. Business creates our traditions, memories, songs, and behaviors.

-Proper conservatism can never be such if it is combined with ignorance of history. Many young people today assume that moving in with your girlfriend is a mature step on the path to adulthood. They do this out of a type of conservatism, a devotion to a particular way of life. That this is pure nonsense is evidenced by the fact that the practice is only decades old.

-In America, activism is encouraged before thought.

-Politics grows from history, morality, religion, biology, and philosophy. People define themselves politically only after they have defined themselves according to these prior standards, so those who view politics as the proper conduit for substantial social change have it exactly backwards.

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