Modern Prisons

Only in the modern world can a man confidently make generalizations about millions of people without ever actually interacting with any of them. From the comfort of your living room, you can wax sociologically using metaphor laden language that obviates the need to statistically support your assertions. A man sits in front of a computer or television screen, listens to what someone else says about what someone else has said, and the result is an ignorant yet arrogant and isolated individual who thinks he has a scientifically accurate assessment of what people living thousands of miles away from him think and feel about a given subject. 

Do not call it a conspiracy theory when someone says that we are under the control of a network which creates illusions and fabricates and filters information in order to dictate the thoughts of people who cannot help but mind the business of others, call it what it is: America.

Do we even realize how much of what we think comes from people speaking into our ears through the internet, television, radio, newspapers etc.? Modern American political discourse is nothing other than a contest between uneducated pseudo-celebrities who have vast armies of followers seeking to saturate normal people with images and slogans designed to convince you that your interests are their interests. Digital media have made this process unprecedentedly easy and powerful. We now live in a world where a man can attempt to murder a politician, something that is both historically unremarkable and which will undoubtedly be forgotten a year from now, and media will transform it into a symbol of whatever ideological ax they have to grind. Most of the things we see and hear in the news are intentionally shaped by people living in either Washington D.C. or some other urban fortress purposefully isolated from the real world. 

Digital technology has allowed these media to create an illusion of ubiquity that simply is not real. Be a true revolutionary: Turn off the television, go outside, and be sure to watch over your loved ones when this monstrous apparatus inevitably collapses.

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