The Perfection of God

As Pure Act and First Mover, God moves all things to their perfections. A cause, though, must always contain within itself, in some way, the perfections of its effect. God, then, must contain within Himself all of the perfections in creatures, albeit in an eminent way.
As that which is simple, God possesses the perfection of all creatures in a unified way. This means that there is no distinction among the perfections in God, for they exist as one in him.
As that which possess all perfections in a unified way, God cannot possess accidents. From the unity and simplicity of God, we can see that all of His perfections are identical to His essence. No perfection in God exists accidentally.

This is not to say that the various names we apply to God are synonymous, they are not. This is true even though they ultimately all name what exists in God as one.

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