For The Love of Wisdom

""Eternal Life" is thus a relational event. Man did not acquire it from himself or for himself alone. Through relationship with the one who is himself life, man too comes alive. Some preliminary steps toward this profoundly biblical idea can be found in Plato, whose work draws upon very different traditions and reflections upon the theme of immortality. His thought includes the idea that man can become immortal by uniting himself to the immortal. The more he takes truth into himself, binds himself to the truth and adheres to it, the more he is related to and filled with that which cannot be destroyed. Insofar as he himself, as it were, adheres to the truth, insofar as he is carried by that which endures, he may be sure of life after death -- the fullness of life."

-Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth II, pg. 84

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