A Few More Notes on the Soul

- The old philosophers' conception of the human soul followed from the consideration of the human intellect or reason and the proper object thereof. Without this consideration, all philosophical psychology will appear arbitrary.

- The word 'color' is the expression of an idea that is not reducible to any particular color or colors. Words are universals, the tools rational beings use to communicate intellectually. Without this ability, we could not rise above our individual sensations.

- If the human intellect is responsible for the creation of knowledge (as it is, say, in Kant's epistemology), then the intellect must be an active power, meaning that it alters the thing upon which it acts. But knowledge is the possession of the form of another qua other, and form is the perfection of being. If the intellect is an active power, then it must contain within itself all perfections, meaning that the human intellect must be infinite. No human intellect is infinite, therefore...

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