Culture and Anti-Culture

Multiculturalism, usually conceived as a system whereby multiple cultures are given equal accommodation within some polity, is, at a practical level, a proficient method of destroying actual cultures. Although the apparent intention of such a policy is the creation of a broadly diverse yet utterly tolerant people, the result is a deracinated population whose members eventually become un-cultured. Multiculturalism, then, is profoundly anti-culture.

In order for a culture to thrive it requires the ability to totalize the lives of its members. It must inform all human activities and institutions; this includes both governing and economic action. If it cannot do this, it is doomed to wither away with time. Without this totalization, cohesion and unity cannot exist to the degree necessary to perpetuate cultural norms and mores.

Notice, this is precisely what modernity, what we call liberalism, seeks to eliminate. Theoretically, this is supposed to be a compromise between cultures based on some exogenous humane reasoning to which any and all cultures can conform. In reality, it is merely another version of cultural hegemony commonly found throughout imperial histories.     

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